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Membership Subscription:

To enable us to provide these services effectively it is essential that ME/CFS sufferers and their carers join ANZMES. This provides the organization with funds essential to its running. Also, the more members it represents, the greater the political impact that can be made now and in the future. For both these reasons please join ANZMES. We have tried to keep the annual fee to a minimum. What you receive personally as a member is only part of the membership fee as by aiding the continued existence of ANZMES you will also be aiding the wider CFS community as a whole.

Membership entitles you to four copies of ‘Meeting Place’ each year, access to ANZMES resources such as information sheets, Doctors booklets  and national representation. To join, please send us your name, address, telephone number, and email address if you have one. Include your subscription and any donation you may wish to make. Please make cheque payable to: ANZMES Inc.
If paying by credit card (Visa or Mastercard) please state: Type of card, name on card, card number, expiry date, as well as your name and address.
Subscription is $40, but a reduced subscription is available for those on low incomes. Please contact the ANZMES Administrator  to discuss this.
For those financially challenged a free sub called Helping Hands is also available. Ring the Administrator to discuss.
A family membership is available for $5 for each other family member who wants to join when the first family member has paid a full sub. This allows for voting etc but each family only gets one Meeting Place.
A membership renewal form is sent out at the end of each financial year (April to March).