ANZMES Booklets

1. Pregnancy.
2. Pacing.
3. A childrens booklet for those up to 13.
4. A booklet on ME that Dr Ros Vallings has written. ( The Turtle Booklet).

ANZMES Information Sheets

The following information sheets are available Free to ANZMES Members and are $1.00 for non members.  please send an email that includes the number of the information sheet/s you wish to order.

1 Diet A view on what to include and what not to include in the diet of people with ME/CFS in order to achieve balanced nutrition.

2 Endometriosis This information sheet will help you understand the link that endometriosis has with ME/CFS

3 Sleep Dr Vallings talking about sleep and how sleep disturbances can be treated.

4 Stress Stress if not brought under control can seriously damage your health. Read about the mechanisms involved and the coping strategies.

5 Dealing with WINZ Finding a way through the Work and Income New Zealand requirements can be difficult.

6 Pregnancy What are the effects of pregnancy and childbirth on ME/CFS? Is there any specific risk to the baby? How do you manage after the baby is born?

7 Employment and ME/FS Information and advice about when to start work again and touching on subjects like communication with employers when you are working and not feeling well.

8  Nutrition Dr Vallings has written this information on good nutrition for ME/CFS and how important a balanced diet is for better health.

9 Supplements Is there evidence that people with ME/CFS suffer from vitamin deficiency? Are supplements of any value to people with ME/CFS or can taking supplements including vitamins harm your health?

10 Alternative Therapies Looks at the pros and cons of the most popular alternative treatments on offer for ME/CFS.

11 Weight and ME/ CFS Dr Vallings talking about ME/CFS and weight problems whether the person is too light or overweight.

12 Anaesthesia Guidelines for anesthesia.

13 Exercise One of the problems experienced by ME/CFS suffers is the difficulty in taking exercise. Understand how to pace your activities and prevent relapse.

14 Tricyclic Antidepressants Amitriptyline at low dosage can be tried for muscle, joint or nerve pain relief when ordinary pain-killers are not effective and can sometimes help with sleep problems as well. Describes both pros and cons for this medication.

15 Cardiovascular Matters  Most ME/CFS sufferers will experience cardiovascular effects of one sort or another, this is due to a variety of reasons and this information sheet covers explanations and hints as how to cope.

16 Allergies / Sensitivities Many people get confused over the difference between the two, read about how to understand the difference.

17 Frequent Questions An introduction to ME/CFS. What makes ME/CFS different from other possible causes of chronic fatigue? A look at the other main symptoms, and the prospects for recovery.

18 Advice on Traveling Read how with a little pre-planning, you can actually enjoy travelling again with ME/CFS. Because stress frequently triggers a flare of symptoms, planning ahead is the key to making your trip an enjoyable experience.

19 Skepticism in ME/CFS Skepticism has been a problem for people with ME/CFS for a very long time. One of the hardest things for those with ME/CFS is the issue of “no-one seems to believe I am ill”. ME/CFS is just like any other illness it has physical and mental aspects.

20 Helpful suggestions for families and carers, when you don’t apparently look ill to them. A major difficulty for ME/CFS suffers to overcome is that from outward appearances they do not look ill. A look at some of the comments to contend with and answers.

21 Guidance for Young people with ME/CFS Dr Vallings guide for young people with ME/CFS.

22 Young people ME/CFS – Guide for teachers A guide for teachers providing information on young people and ME/CFS, exams, study and prognosis.

23 Young people ME/CFS – Guide for parents A guide for parents providing information on young people and ME/CFS, friends, exercise and prognosis.

24 Young people ME/CFS – Guide for young people A guide for young people providing information on school, friends, exercise and prognosis.

25 Eye problems Dr Vallings explaining visual problems and treatments that some people with ME/CFS experience.

26 Mouth and or dental problems Dr Vallings has written this information sheet explaining mouth or dental problems that those with ME/CFS can experience. Gum or tooth infection has the potential to cause ongoing immune activation and the symptoms of prolonged ME/CFS.

27 Lightning Process/Switch ANZMES Statement regarding the Lightning process/Switch technique.

28 Low Dose Naltrexone Dr Vallings has written information about Naltrexone in small doses.

29 ENT problems Dr Vallings looks at the problems related to the three organs which provide three of our principal senses: hearing, smell and taste.

30 Pain and ME/CFS An information sheet looking at various pain that people with ME/CFS can experience, with explanations on treatments involving both drug and non drug approaches by Dr Vallings.

31 Gastroenterology Dr Vallings takes a look at the many gastro-intestinal tract problems that can occur in those with ME/CFS.

32 Depression Dr Vallings explains that depression is an illness like any other and can be treated successfully.

33 Orthostatic Intolerance Evidence indicates that many ME/ CFS patients display symptoms associated with orthostatic dysfunction. The orthostatic intolerance that is most commonly occurring in ME/CFS is called postural tachycardia syndrome or POTS.

34 Influenza Immunization Discussion of Immunization Pros, cons, and risks for those with ME/CFS

35 Driving and ME/CFS Guidance for driving with ME/CFS. Considerations, preparation and particular problems encountered

36 Fibromyalgia and ME/CFS Some Tips in the Management of Pain Relief

37 Cognition in Young People with ME/CFS

Abnormal neurological pathology affect cognitive functioning in Young ME CFS patients, creating confusion, memory and concentration problems and more.  Dr Vallings discuses implications on school work and methods to aid mitigation of these effects.

38  Gabapentin

An option for for moderate to severe pain – neuropathic (nerve) and musculo-skeletal pain are common in ME/CFS. This outlines advantages, common side effect and suggests other options available to treat paint (ME Association of UK has kindly given permission to print and supply)

39 Muscle Energy Supplements

Explains what Muscle Energy Supplements are, how they work, outlines side effects and presents overall results of a survey amongst patients. (ME Association of UK has kindly given permission to print and supply)

40 Gadgets and Gismoes

A collection of Gadgets, Gismoes and items compiled from ME sufferers recommendations as useful in helping to manage everyday tasks

41 The Menopause, Female Hormones and HRT

Female hormones and HR: discusses diagnosis of menopause; common symptoms experience among ME/CFs patients and the management and treatments available (ME Association of UK has kindly given permission to print and supply).

42 Cancer and ME/CFS

Important points regarding management of cancer if you also have ME/CFS

43 Covid-19 and ME/CFS

Questions and answers around Covid-19 and people with ME/CFS

44 Shortness of Breath – the causes of

Dr Sarah Myhill’s guide to shortness of breath

45 Relationships with your Doctor

Forming good relationships with your Doctor



Dr Vallings new book

Managing ME/CFS – A Guide for Young People

The book can be purchased from Calico Publishing  for $29.95

Dr Vallings new book

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
M.E. Symptoms, Diagnosis & Management

Written by ANZMES medical adviser,
Dr Ros Vallings MNZM,MB BS.

Often known as ‘ME’, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is notoriously difficult to diagnose and treat, yet its effects are profound, and often prolonged and debilitating.

Dr Rosamund Vallings has been helping those with this condition for more than 40 years. Drawing on the latest international diagnostic guidelines, she describes the process for accurate diagnosis and the difficulties entailed.

Dr Vallings explains the illness and how it affects the body’s many systems and functions. She also provides advice on how to cope with the disorder on a daily basis and make the necessary lifestyle changes.

Book reviews

“This is simply the best book available on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME. Dr Vallings informs and educates readers on every aspect of this often misunderstood illness. Everyone who has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME should read this book – it will help them cope, and will improve their life.” Dr Ken Jolly, Medical Advisor, ANZMES

“With no clearly defined diagnostic test or management strategies, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME is a challenging condition for both the desperate patient and the busy doctor. Drawing on her many years’ experience treating this illness, Dr Vallings here provides a wealth of information, with particular insights and sound medical advice. This is an outstanding, comprehensive and authoritative reference guide for the patient, carer and doctor.” Christine Hunter, AM, Alison Hunter Memorial Foundation

“Never before have I had the pleasure of reading a book which has so successfully tackled a serious and controversial medical subject with such clarity of expression. Dr Vallings has produced a masterful work that reflects the essence of clear thinking. The comprehensiveness of her coverage – including health management, lifestyle ramifications and practical day-to-day advice – is extraordinary. It is the most user-friendly book I have ever read in the health care field.” Professor Simon Molesworth, AO, QC, Honorary Chairman, ME/CFS Australia

Publication details:

September 2012
RRP $40 + $5 delivery (in New Zealand)

To buy a copy of this book contact…

Phone:   09 6245674

Send your name and delivery address to:

Calico Publishing Ltd
P O Box 29039
Greenwoods Corner
Auckland 1347
New Zealand


At the ANZMES Annual General Meeting in Auckland on the 26th November 2016, Dr Ros Vallings’ presentation focused on the IACFS Conference which was held in Fort Lauderdale, United States. Dr Vallings was presented with the Nelson Gantz Clinicians Award for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis at that conference. Some of the research that Dr Vallings covers in her presentation is how Glutathione impaired brain function in ME patients and how ME Patients have high protein levels in the CFS (Cerberus Spinal Fluid). She also covers how there is a difference in the molecular building blocks with ME/CFS patients known as 3 SNPS and much more.

The DVD for this presentation can be purchased for seminars, conferences from –


Dr Kathy Rowe – ME/CFS and Young People

Purchase Dr Rowe’s DVD – cost $10