ANZMES Long COVID + vaccination survey

We have received many queries from our membership about COVID-19 Pfizer vaccination effects for people with ME/CFS in New Zealand. 

To answer these questions confidently and comprehensively we decided to create a self-report survey which asks you about your experience with the vaccine. Whether you’ve experienced mild, moderate, severe, or no effects, we would like to know. If you have chosen not to get the vaccination we would still like you to respond. If you are too unwell to fill out the survey yourself, you can ask someone else to fill it out on your behalf.

This survey also features questions regarding experiences and diagnoses of Long COVID as we seek to understand the prevalence and similarities to ME/CFS.

We hope many will participate in this vital research survey. If you require a survey sent by post, please let us know. 

You can fill out the survey here:

If you are still unsure as to whether you should get vaccinated or not, please view our Information Sheet with advice our experts can offer thus far: