Congratulations to the Winners of ANZMES Writing Competition

We had some great entries and would like to thank everyone who entered. These are the winning entries; with 1st prize winning a free membership subscription for a year, 2nd prize a $20 Gift Voucher and 3rd prize a $10 gift voucher.

Research into ME/CFS means

Reveals hope
Reflects care
Fosters understanding
Inspires compassion
Legitimises suffering
Encourages solidarity
Voices frustration
Confronts ignorance
Silences detractors
Sparks interest
Promotes awareness
Educates others
Builds knowledge
Supports initiative
Justifies funding
Demands attention
Requires recognition
Urges action

Bethne Dodd. ©


There are times when hope
for a cure or treatment for ME/CFS
can seem elusive
time moves slowly
the view from my sofa
an unrelenting grey

At such times it helps to remember
in laboratories, offices, hospitals and
universities around the world
there are teams dedicated
to finding the answers
to our particular puzzle

Theories as to cause and cure
put forward and tested
and all, regardless of success
are steps towards the goal
the process of discovering the answer
includes discovering what the answer
is not

I believe the day will arrive
when we will have our answer
I feel immense gratitude
to all those working to that end
testing theories, developing tests
and medicines
and all those participating in trials
people I will probably never know
but to whom I owe so much
not least the return of hope

Wendy Allen ©

The War Within
I used to be a soldier and so proud I was to serve. 
Active strong and healthy, with an impressively steady nerve. 
I always aspired to take a step and go further than the rest 
Beyond fatigue, aches and pain, to be the very best.   

And as a younger man, I dreamed big and was proactive when I played 
Hoping that in my older years, my dedication paid. 
Then one somber month alone, I began to feel unwell 
But the warrior inside of me, would never ever tell. 
So I fought and fought the hardest battle, I had ever had to fight 
But this battle was different and would not be beat by might. 
The more I fought, the more I tired, and down and down I went 
Even then I fought some more, until all I had was spent. 
That month grew to two, then three and four to five 
Too tired to fight anymore, I barely felt alive. 
It doesn’t matter how tough you are, M.E. don’t give a damn. 
The harder you try to fight it, the more it’ll drag you down.   

Life has changed a lot these days, my dreams no longer bold 
No more dreams of scaling mountain passes in search of Aztec gold. 
Holding down a part time job it seems, is challenging enough 
‘cause M.E is my full time now and the pay is rather rough. 
Struggling financially, with a massive loss of pride 
If only there was ever a way, off this retched hellbent ride.   

Some confidence, pride and security, to walk the local hills 
To eat a spicy curry, to enjoy some simple thrills! 
To earn a buck, to make my mark and have some dignity 
That is what ME/CFS research has come to mean to me. 

Conway Judge ©