Looking for participants for a research study on the effects of exercise at anaerobic threshold on post exertional malaise in individuals with ME/CFS.

An exciting opportunity has arisen for Rebecca Otte under the supervision of Dr Lynette Hodges to conduct a research project at Massy University Sport and Exercise labs in Palmerston North to continue the research into exercise and its effects on ME/CFS patients.

Exercise often has a positive relationship with health and wellbeing particularly with the management and prevention of disease, reducing risk factors for chronic conditions, reduce fatigue levels and improve quality of life. However, in stark contrast to healthy individuals exercise exaggerates negative symptoms in those with CFS/ME.

Through this study we are wanting to assess the effect of exercising to anaerobic threshold on fatigue and symptoms of PEM within ME/CFS. The effects will be assessed through a graded exercise (until anaerobic threshold) test and the effects physiologically, on cognitive function and fatigue will be assessed. The hope is to understand how much those with ME/CFS can increase their heart rate without exhibiting symptoms of PEM, which will ideally provide individuals with a safe intensity for exercise. From this research we are hoping to discover a way in which symptoms of PEM can be reduced and therefore lead to individuals with CFS/ME to manage their condition better and have a greater quality of life.

The participants involved in this study will be required to attend three visits to the Sport and Exercise labs at Massey University in Palmerston North. The trial will likely commence early in the new year (January 2019). Anybody interested in taking part will need to be between the ages of 18-64 and will be required to complete three tests over the course of the three visits. The first visit will consist of a maximal exercise test. From this test, anaerobic threshold will be determined. The following two visits will entail two submaximal exercise tests, 24 hours apart. For this trial to go ahead we require the help of 20 individuals who have CFS/ME. We are hoping to provide some koha in appreciation for your time and commitment to the study.

If you are interested in volunteering as a participant for this trial but are unsure if you meet the criteria or would like some more information regarding the testing, feel free to contact either Dr Lynette Hodges via email on L.D.Hodges@massey.ac.nz or Rebecca Otte (Masters Student) on rotte1998@gmail.com

To express your interest for the trial please complete the De Paul Symptom Questionnaire using the link below: