The ANZMES Committee Members who were present at the 2017 AGM are as follows;
Debbie Cleland (National Co-ordinator) Nicola Swain (President) Professor Warren Tate (Guest Speaker) Dr Ros Vallings (Medical Advisor – and Guest Speaker) Dan Williams (Executive Committee member) Heather Wilson (Vice President) Beth Lee (Editor of the Meeting Place Magazine) and Dave O’Hara (Past Vice President).

Other Executive Committee Members of ANZMES for the 2018/19 year are;

Lisa Thomas – Treasurer

George Conolley

Suzanne Duffy

Medical Advisor –
Ken Jolly

Wendy Matthews

Neha Singh

Libby Boone  – ex-officio committee member ( USA)

Reviewer – Bernie Radford – (Auckland)




ANZMES stands for the “Association of New Zealand Myalgic Encephalopathy Societies Inc.” and is the national support organization for ME sufferers and their carers in New Zealand. It was founded in 1980 and was the first ME organization of its type in the world.

The Functions of ANZMES include:

  • Supporting ME patients and their carers in New Zealand.
  • Producing the quarterly magazine ‘Meeting Place’, informing members of the latest news, events and research pertaining to CFS/ME.
  • Procuring political support for the ME cause with the aim of bettering conditions for ME patients.
  • Facilitating communication between sufferers of the condition.
  • Acting as a respected national and international ‘voice’ on ME matters.
  • Encouraging research and education about ME.
  • Updating healthcare providers on the latest advances regarding this condition.
  • Co-ordinating and fostering the growth of local support groups throughout the country.
  • Providing information and resources to individuals and  groups as required.

A petition  regarding ME/CFS presented to Government in New Zealand


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