Annual General Meeting

The ANZMES Annual General Meeting will be held on
7 November 2015 at 1.00 PM in the
Independent Living Services Meeting Room
Erson Ave.
Royal Oak, Auckland

If you would like to skip the AGM then you are warmly invited to the ANZMES Seminar which will take place at 1.30pm directly after the AGM.

Our guest speakers will be Professor Warren Tate who works for the Bio Chemistry Dept at the University of Otago. He will update us on his research into finding a Bio Marker for ME/CFS. Dr Ros Vallings will be talking about her new book that has just been published for young people with ME/CFS and she will also update us on the latest promising international research. Richie Barnett our Face of ME will speak about his experience with ME/CFS.  ALL WELCOME! Afternoon Tea Provided.

Professor Tate                 Dr Ros Vallings            Richie Barnett

otago006628Dr VallingsRichie