Any treatments recommended on the following websites are not necessarily endorsed by  ANZMES.  It is stressed that the diagnosis of ME/CFS relies on clinical description/presentation and on exclusionary medical testing. It is imperative to seek qualified medical advice for evaluation. Any advice, either explicit or implied, is not intended to replace qualified medical advice. ANZMES does not accept any responsibility for any treatment undertaken.

Could NZ limit long Covid? – Expert reaction from NZ Doctor website

ANZMES YouTube Channel on Research

Professor Warren Tate is featured in Otago Daily Times discussing how ME/CFS is poorly recognised in New Zealand despite evidence

ME/CFS-related Organisations

Frontiers Paediatric Primer
Frontiers in Paediatrics – ME/CFS Management in Young People

Massachusetts ME/CFS & FM Association – Nurse Patti’s Paediatric/School Nurse Blog

International Association for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome /Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

Fibromyalgia Research
Management Strategies for Primary Care Providers

ME Association UK

ME Support UK

Physios For ME
International Association for CFS/ME
Research scientists, physicians, licensed medical healthcare professionals, and others interested in promoting the exchange of ideas for CFS/FM research and patient care
Open Medicine Foundation
Solve ME/CFS Initiative
FM-CFS Canada
Holds a national patient registry for Canada, and provides free new educational materials for patients and physicians, and advocates the community’s needs to government
National ME/FM Action Network (Canada)
Dedicated to advancing the recognition and understanding of ME/CFS) and FMS through education, advocacy, support, and research
CFS & FM Information Exchange Forum
ME/CFS Society (South Australia)
ME/CFS/FM Assn of Queensland
Emerge National Australian ME/CFS organisation



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