Karly Ryder’s Account of her Wellington Round the Bays Run to Raise Funds for ANZMES

Karly Ryder

Read Karly’s amazing story, which was not without incident – and then see the final total she raised – ANZMES is very grateful for all you have done for us! 

I was nervous arriving at the start line. The day before the race I split my big toenail, had terrible cramps, and caught a cold and throat thing from my son. I wasn’t feeling particularly positive going into the run. After a quick warmup and stretch I decided to read through all the donor comments from my givealittle page to pump myself up. It was just what I needed and then it was go time. I really enjoyed the run. It was hard, but I didn’t feel like I was overdoing it and I didn’t notice my sore toe, or sickness. I honestly just kept thinking about when I could barely get off the couch a couple of years earlier and how far I have come. It probably wasn’t the best subject matter because I could feel the emotions building and then, as I saw my husband, son and family, and crossed the finish line, I could barely breathe from all of the emotions. I caught my breathe, then cried, then hugged my supporters and cried some more. Turns out I ran a post sickness personal best time. I feel so proud to have done something helpful, but also to show that it does get better. I hope that my story at the very least resonates with CFS/ME sufferers and supporters, and provides a bit of hope that in time things will get better. And after you get better and run a race because now you can, you too can feel good and then go home and eat your weight in chocolate.

Karly’s effort for ANZMES clocked up an amazing $1,720.00 – WOW. See the full story about Karly’s struggle with ME/CFS and total raised on her givealittle page – And more photos below of her run.

All Ready to Go
Karly sharing a proud moment with her son when it was all over.