First World ME Day

image of the world from space, with text The first ever World ME Day May 12th 2022

First World ME Day and theme launched by alliance members

The World ME Alliance, a collaborative of organisations from across the globe, is launching World ME Day on 12th May this year. This new initiative aims to bring together organisations and unify efforts to raise awareness and campaign together on Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME). Through collective action, we will step closer to our goal of a world without ME.

World ME Day will build on the incredible efforts of advocates around events, such as ME Awareness Week and Chronic Immunological and Neurological Diseases (CIND) Awareness Day. By focusing on a single day and collaborating across many organisations, we aim to maximise our collective power.

The theme for the first year of World ME Day is #LearnFromME.

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image of a lightbulb inside a chalk drawing of a thought bubble with the text #learnfromme world me day

What should the world #LearnFromME?

ME is a global health crisis – up to 30 million people are living with this disease worldwide, and when we take into account the effect on families, carers and friends too, the impact of this disease cannot be overstated.

But there is much to be learnt from this disease – from the willpower and determination of those living with it, to the incredible advocates working towards change, to an understanding that the most meaningful change will comes from high-quality research.

We want to use World ME Day to reach out to health professionals on a personal basis, build understanding of ME and take another step towards a world that understands ME.

Key facts for health professionals

  • People with ME have a lower average quality of life than all other diseases they have been compared to, including diabetes, cancers and heart disease.

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