Doctor Ros Vallings at the Public Meeting in Dunedin Colquoun Theatre 22 Sept, 2014.

Ros trip
Dr Vallings being introduced at the meeting.
Dr Ros Vallings lecturing to the crowd.
Debbie, ANZMES manager with resources ready to give out.

Doctor Ros Vallings lectured at the Colquhoun Theater in Dunedin on the 22nd September, 2014 to make a Podcast for Medical Students education at a public meeting.
Resources were given to Doctors and Medical Students who attended plus members of the public. There were over a large crowd who turned up on a cold snowy day to listen to the latest information from Ros.

ANZMES AGM 2nd November 2014

Australian Paediatrician Kathy Rowe
Australian Paediatrician Kathy Rowe

ANZMES AGM will be held on the 2nd November at 1pm at the CCS resource Centre in Royal Oak. Guest Speaker will be Dr Kathy Rowe a top Australian Paediatrician. After the AGM Kathy will be visiting many New Zealand main centres to lecture to paediatricians and Medical professionals.

Over the past 44 years, Kathy Rowe has achieved outstanding national and international recognition for her work in adolescent health. She is widely acclaimed as a caring, dedicated consultant physician, in the Centre for Adolescent Health at Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital. She has also held academic appointments in the University of Melbourne’s Department of Paediatrics, involved in teaching, research and clinical work.

She is an expert in the area of chronic fatigue syndrome, having worked tirelessly and championed its cause when it was not fashionable. Prof Leonard Jason referred to her work as “the most elegant and important in the field” and stated that “the entire field has benefited from the precision and rigor of her methods.”She worked hard on the international committee establishing the paediatric case definition and diagnostic criteria for CFS/ME (2006).

ME Day

ME/CFS day is on the 12th of May.
This date was picked as it was the anniversary of Florence Nightingales Birthday.
Florence was thought to have had ME/CFS in the later  years of her life.
To celebrate ME day ANZMES has sent resources including latest Physicians booklets
Childrens Booklets and posters etc to all the Support Group through NZ.

An ANZMES survey of how ME/CFS impacts on sufferers has been compiled and thanks to Don Baken for his help with this. Massey University has helped with a media release of the survey.
Dr Ros Vallings is speaking on Monday Morning on TV about ME/CFS and the ANZMES survey.
Articles are in local newspapers that have been put in by support groups up and down NZ.
Here are some articles from the ME day release.

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