A New ME/CFS Support Group is Starting Up in Drury Auckland

The first ME/CFS Support Group meeting for the Drury area will be held on the 13th of October 2018.

Time:             1.00 pm

Venue:         Redshed Palazzo  www.redshedpalazzo.co.nz Drury

All who are interested are most welcome.

For more information email Annette Spence at annetteeb@xtra.co.nz

Dr Ros Vallings will be Speaking in Christchurch in October

ANZMES is sponsoring Dr Vallings to this event.


ME/CFS Group (Canterbury) Inc. is hosting a meeting with Dr Ros Vallings who will be bringing everyone up to date with the latest research.

Meeting details below.

Date:  31st Oct at 1.30

Venue: Abberley Park Hall,

Address: 55 Abberley Crescent, St Albans Christchurch

If you would like to know more details phone 03-365-5887

See map to get to venue below.

Complex Chronic Illness Biennial Seminar with Dr Ros Vallings – August 25

You are invited to attend the Complex Chronic Illness Biennial Seminar to hear guest speaker, Dr Ros Vallings (NZ’s leading expert on ME/CFS), report on the 13th International ‘Invest in ME Research’ Conference, held in London, June 2018.

Date:  August the 25th

Time: 11:00 am.

Venue: Otumoetai Baptist Church (auditorium) 241 Otumoetai Road Tauranga, 3110

Morning tea is available from 10:45 am.

The seminar will start at 11:30 am.

All welcome gold coin donation appreciated.

Contact us at: ‘info@ccisupport.org.nz’ for further information.

Dr Ros Vallings Speaking Engagement in Hamilton

Dr Vallings is renowned world-wide for her outstanding work with ME/CFS/Fibromyalgia patients, having won several international awards
Melville Methodist Church,
Corner Bader St and Normandy Ave,
Melville Hamilton.
Topic: Research from the recent ‘Invest in ME’  conference held in London recently; and discussion re: use of B12
Date:    Thursday 9th August
(please note change of Date,)
TIme:    10.30 – 11.30


All Very Welcome!


Take Part in Lobbying Government

As a part of the round up for ME Awareness month ANZMES Committee have composed a standard Lobbying Letter which members, (and those who wish to take part) can send to the Government to bring awareness to the plight and needs of ME/CFS/FM patients in New Zealand. We encourage as many as possible to take part.  All you need to do is print the PDF letter;  fill in your name and address; sign it and send to

David Clarke (Health Minister)
Parliament Office.
Private Bag 18888.
Parliament Buildings.

No stamp required.

Download the PDF for printing HERE.

Letter to Government for Individuals to send to Parliment 2018


#Millions Missing – ME/CFS Awareness for ‘ME Day 12th of May’

This Year #Millions Missing are bringing awareness to the plight of ME patients all around New Zealand.

There will be screenings of the Jennifer Brea film “Unrest” in a number of centres
(The itinerary for these screenings are listed below the Video Trailer)

There will  be campaigns held in a number of centres which will bring attention to the thousands who are missing from New Zealand society because of ME/CFS. (See details below).

Please note that the PDF has two pages.

Millions Missing 2018 ANZMES

Phillida Bunkle – Address on ME/CFS/Fibromyalgia Patients and Carers

WellMe Wellington invited Phillida Bunkle to speak at their Annual General Meeting in December 2017. Phillida spoke candidly about her first hand experience of being a ‘carer’ of a patient with ME/CFS/Fibromyalgia which not only highlighted the patients experience and needs, but she also revealed some valuable insights into the needs of carers which are often overlooked.  A very informative and helpful and encouraging video which ANZMES highly recommend to all. See video below:

Note from WellMe Vice Chair – Sandra Forsyth

Support for Caregivers: an integral part of the Circle of Strength
The wellbeing of the both the person living with ME/CFS and their caregiver and family/support networks is something WellMe strongly advocates through our Support Groups and regular Coffee Groups.  WellMe’s ethos that support is all – support is vital is an integral part of WellMe’s culture, as is our buddy system.  Support for our caregivers is equally vital.  Together we are strong and an integral part of each other’s circle of strength.  As our caregivers protect and nurture us, they too need to be protected and nurtured so as not to suffer burn out and exhaustion.

Caregivers and supporters need their own support networks and self-management techniques.  Phillida Bunkle’s address to WellMe’s AGM last December on the personal and family impacts of ME: deficits in care, the importance of family care for the sick, and its impacts on other members will resonate with many.  When discussing the subject of her address, Phillida said ‘I would like to touch on the practical difficulties of nursing the severely affected because they are barely acknowledged.’

Throughout her career, Phillida has been involved with many aspects of patient protection including patient advocacy, health consumer representation and policy development particularly concerning women’s health, and the care of people with ME/CFS and cancer.  On four occasions she has been a delegate to WHO world summits on World Health.

Most noted for co-writing ‘An Unfortunate Experiment at National Womens’ with Sandra Coney leading to a Commission of Inquiry headed by Dame Silvia Cartwright that helped strengthen patients’ rights and saw the establishment of a national cervical screening programme, Phillida has published widely and won a number of awards recognising her contribution to health consumer protection.  These include the New Zealand Health Industry Distinguished Public Service Award, and the New Zealand Governor General’s Special Award of Excellence in Journalism and being made a life member of the National Distribution Workers Union (NZ).

Phillida is qualified in many branches of massage and bodywork and is a former patron of the New Zealand Massage Institute.  She also holds practice certificates in reflexology, foot care, cancer care and health coaching and currently divides her time between caring for family members with ME in New Zealand and running a small private health coaching practice in nutrition and bodywork in Central London.





TELEPHONE: 0800 600 113